21.2.06 # Wiky: A Clientside Wiki/Html Converter

http://goessner.net/img/wiky.pngWiky is a bidirectional Wiki markup to HTML converter written in javascript. So there is no need for the web server to convert or even store wiki text, just plain HTML — yes, I like smart clients. Besides converting wiki markup, Wiky also can do syntax highlighting and translate LaTeX style math formulas to HTML+CSS.

In fact Wiky + inplace editing is the way I am adding content to my web pages.

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I like this little Wiky tool. I noticed however that if you do:
Without the enclosing square brackets, you get td and tr tags with the opening and closing table tags. That can make a mess of surrounding formatting.

Uh, I meant without the opening and closing table tags, of course.

There is a lot of discussion about different Wiki table formatting. I have chosen a markup that allows nested tables in principle, so you need to start and end tables by '[|' and '|]'. Nested tables aren't currently supported though.

Nevertheless Wiky might be smart enough to detect missing enclosing square brackets. I will have look into that.

Thanks for your comments.

This package rocks - the one thing that I'm looking for that's missing, though, is bidirectional conversion of CamelCase links for a full-on wiki experience.

I may poke around at adding this, if I figure out how.

Hi Les, CamelCaseLinks can be converted by adding the rule

{ rex:/([A-Z][a-z0-9]+(?:[A-Z][a-z0-9]*)+)/g, tmplt:"<a rel=\"CamelCaseLink\" href=\"/$1\">$1</a>" }

to the Wiky.rules.wikiinlines array and converted back by appending

{ rex:/<a rel=\"CamelCaseLink\"[^>]*?>(.*?)<\/a>/mgi, tmplt:"$1"}

to the Wiky.inverse.wikiinlines array. You may adjust the regular expression and add an explicit base uri to the href attribute.
I hope, this helps.
Btw., I really like your XoxoOutliner a lot.

Hah, I'd actually just come up with something very close to your regexes last night, but yours are more complete. This Wiky thing is amazingly easy to extend!

And funny you should mention XoxoOutliner - that's one of the things in which I'd like to use your Wiky code. :) My first goal, though, is to get an Amazon S3 based wiki working as a AJAXy client-side app.

And, it looks like I might just have something starting to work:


S3Wiki is a really cool web application. I guess I need to have a deeper look into S3Ajax.

hi just to mention:

I liked you wiky and used it to make a thunderbird extension. with this extension and wiky you can write your email wiki style and turn it into html before you send it.

it's working but not yet ready to be published...

I'll let you know once I'm done.
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