18.11.05 # A Slideous Show

I was using Eric Meyer's simple slide show system S5 for over more than a year in some of my lectures and most of my talks. To have one document for the web, for presentation and for print is great.

Since I never seriously used those highly sophisticated presentation tools that come with nearly every office software package out there, I was perfectly happy with S5.

Then, several weeks ago, I stumpled over Dave Raggett's Html Slidy and after a short inspection I even liked it more.

After using Html Slidy for a while I tried to customise and extend it. In fact I wanted ?

  • manual instead of automatical font resizing.
  • capability to select content during presentation and using the mouse for single-click navigation.
  • automatical generation of a Table of Content inside of a specific slide.
  • one-click completion of incremental slides.
  • menu buttons in the statusbar.
  • easy configuration and customization of behaviour and statusbar.

Patching Html Slidy turned out to be a surprisingly hard task for me, so I finally decided to write yet another script for controlling a slide show.

To get a first impression of Slideous you may want to start this presentation.

Please note, that Slideous hasn't implemented those cool features ?

  • different backgrounds for individual slides (Html Slidy).
  • semivisible / highlighted incremental items (S5).

I have tested Slideous with

  • Mozilla Firefox 1.5
  • Internet Explorer 6.0
  • Opera 8.5

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